Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Want to Succeed in Management? You Must Know "The Six M's"

When we see that in management there must be an element that would make it a success. Which elements of management known as the "6M" in the management or the term "The Six M's in Management".

Elements in this management is an important part as well as the absolute that of the management, whether it is to achieve all its objectives or only achievement of the objectives of each execution management functions.bisnis rumahan

Appropriate quote from, here are the six elements along with an explanation:

1.Man (human)
We certainly know that humans are the most important element daam management activities to achieve its intended purpose. When we berbicra diperusahaan man often referred to human resources (HR).

The quality of human resources is very berbengaruh to the success of the company, as management is not able to reach the goal without human existence.

element management
one of the keys to the success of the company is HR mempuni (Image:

2.Money (money)
Now we also know that in setioa activities of the company must be in need of funds (money). Which founders used money from the company to pay employees, purchase of raw materials and equipment.

For that money as a suggestion management should be used effectively and efficiently so that objectives are achieved at a cost that seminmal possible.

3.Material (raw material)
The raw materials used in the production process which, as the basis of making the company's products. As required yarn clothing company.

The raw material will be processed effectively and efficiently. In general, the company will buy the raw material from other parties such as suppliers, with the cheapest price.usaha rumahan

4.Mechine (engine)
This machine is one of the advances of teknlogi very helpful in the work of man. Perkembanag science and technology is so rapid results in the use of machines has increased as well.

Use of the machine at the company will make our production as well as activities where relevant for achieving the goal will be more efficiently and quickly achieved.

5.Methods (method)
Is a way to do so efficiently and successfully. With the use of appropriate methods and will really make our business smoothly.

With so that activity of the company as well as efficient eektif we need a wide range of alternative methods in order to achieve corporate objectives we have set. Each of these methods has the power to order the results of which Distinct and varied.Manajemen

6.Market (market)
Is a place where we do activities to market the production of a business activity we are. We need to understand market share to spread production to be up in the hands of consumers.

It is an element that sanagt determine the activity of management in general.

Well that's an explanation of the management elements of "6M". Hopefully this article was helpful for all of us. Thank you for reading our article.