Wednesday, May 11, 2016

3 Level Management

In a management there had to be some level. The manager is the one which is to cooperate with others in the same way to organize joint activities to realize its wishes.kerja sampingan

As quoted from the blog, there are several levels of management as well as the criteria that must be had.

Basically, the management has a three in the planning, organizing, directing and controlling. Judging from the level of management, it can be divided into three groups:

1. Management Peak
Which usually consists of directors, CEO, GM or General Manager commonly called the President of the Board of Directors. The top management has a major role as:kerja online

Determine the plans, objectives, and also the company's policy
Responsible for all the existing management underneath
Memobilitas company resources available
Work of thinking, a new planning decided
Mempersiapkna long-term plan
Has the authority and responsibilities of the maximum
Require conceptual skills and the most good
2.Manajemen Intermediate
Which are in the middle of the hierarchy of a company. Management is responsible for implementation of the plans which have been determined by top management.

Usually consists of the Head of Department, Branch Manager, Junior Executive. The tasks and the role of middle management are:

Execute all orders, kebjakan, and plans have been drawn up by top management.
Provide advice and recommendations to the top management.
Coordinating the activities of all departments
Communicating with the Risk Management and mnajemen peak below that follow
Preparing plans in the short term
Has the authority and responsibility are restricted because intermediaries top management with existing management underneath
Responsible directly to the CEO and Board of Directors of the company
3 Tier Level Management
The following is peramida level management level (image: Google)

3.Manajemen First Line
Is the lowest level of management in a company, in which lead and supervise the operational staff and managers do not supervise others.cara membuat facebook

Which usually consists of a foreman and pengawa which has been selected by manjer intermediate level. Management has a level of activity in the form of:

Directing every employee
Developing moral to employees
Maintaining good relations anatara middle-level management and employees
Informing decisions taken thereon enumerated by management to employees
More menghabiska time to control and direct the employee
Menysusn plan daily, weekly and monthly, but not in the long term
Have very limited powers, but it has important responsibilities.
In each level of management must have the basic skills mempuni consisting of:

Technical 1.Keahlian
Management is the ability to use technical procedures and pegetahuan on a particular field.Peluang Bisnis

Interpersonal 2.Keahlian
An expertise to work in a team, understand and motivate others individually none in a team.

conceptual 3.Keahlian
Is the ability to coordinate and integrate all the interests and activities of the company.

It is the ability required to be held by each of management, while additional capabilities such as:

1.Keahlian diagnosis
Every manager is expected to be able to analyze any problems that exist in the company and to find appropriate solutions to resolve the issue.

2.Keahlian Communications
Managers also need to be able to channel ideas and informing the other employees. And also can accept the idea and menginfomasikannya so managers can coordinate the work of colleagues within the team.Manajemen

3.Keahlian Time Management
A good manager is a manager who can master a good time management, so a manager is able to prioritize work with each other. So that the work would be more efficient and effective in its solution.

4.Keahlian Decision
Management also should be able to make decisions wisely, which are based on diagonosa (analysis) a problem. With the decision effective, fast, and this right can menyelasikan existing problems and float into a valuable opportunity.

Such an explanation of the levels of management along with the Traffic must have. Hopefully this article was able to benefit us all, thank kasuh have read our article. See you on the other articles.