Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Management of Technology, What Can We Do?

At this time we have been in the era of globalization, where each science will change perspetif. This also applies to the management.

Quoted from, the globalization has changed the perspective of the management of market-based first sighted later to pandanagn-based resources.contoh laporan keuangan

Which the last few years based on the views of the resource has been developed as a complementary perspectives.

technology management
the technology used can determine our kesuksesa (image:

At the time of the external environment experiencing fluctuating conditions, perusaahaan with control of resources and capabilities will determine whether the company will continue to survive or even be uprooted.

Technology becomes a key element in running a business competition at this time.

Changes and rapid technological developments that impact on the rapid process of creation of new products, changes in the value chain as well as the increased competitiveness of companies.

We can define the technology as the ability to recognize dpaat technical issues, concepts and other things that are tangible developed to override technical issues as well as technical ability mengekplor concept as well as other tangible things more effectively.pengertian akuntansi

With the adoption of technology and technological innovation is a great weapon for industrialization, increase productivity, support growth, and improve the standard of living (Albernaty sert Clark, 1985).

The sharp competitive pressure and globalization has given impetus to us to innovate, this is because innovation is a sign for something new as well as commercial success.

Today, the role of management sabagai one of the key technologies in order to achieve a successful technological innovations to be the subject very interesting.

There must have been many perghatian the adoption of management along with the implementation of new technology, but there are still many organizations that have failed to dpaat efficiently manage their technology weapons, strategic and effective.

Therefore we need a plan and a strategy very mature technology suntk achieve the goals of the company. In the course of technology, many new discoveries in recent years have increasingly sprung.

However, new discoveries are still meruapakan scope of advanced technology, which its development in Indonesia is still in the very early stages.

When we see today in Indonesia studies that talk about technology management is still lacking or may be said to be rare (Ellitan, 2001).siklus akuntansi

This shows bahwasannya not enough experts and practitioners memeberikan attention to factors tecknological, how to adopt, as well as to manage the technology.

Therefore, it is very important that we examine more deeply about the management of technology and how to make the technology a weapon that can be used to achieve a competitive advantage.

That is the description of the management of technology , hopefully earlier articles can benefit us all. Thank you for reading our article, I'll see you in another article.