Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Management & Marketing: Marketing Management # 1

Marketing is the aim venture funds and power belong to the company towards giving satisfaction to the consumer, so that the company can sell its products, and gain accompanied achieve the goals of the company.siklus akuntansi

Management can also be defined as a process consisting of analysis, planning, organization, implementation, and control of human resources and other resources to make use of science and art to achieve the goals of the company.pengertian akuntansi

As the quote in , will be explained about the first marketing management.

While marketing management itself is the analysis, planning, implementation, and monitoring programs have been intended to bring an exchange that has been diinginka with the markets of interest for the purpose of achieving the organization's objectives.

In the implementation of our marketing in particular is often a jumble sale to agencies, because certainly we reasoned would be more efficient and have expertise mempuni. So the task of coordinating the employers only aktvitas advertising with other promotional activities.

For the principal responsibility of Perasi the sale is to be menjamn terjualnya all products in accordance with the target, which is the responsibility of the head of the (managers) sale.contoh laporan keuangan

Then we mamastikan duties of sales manager sebgai following:

receive salesperson
Organize them a fair remuneration and decent
Developing penegetahuan and selling skills wiranaga
Provide support, motivation and guidance work
Marketing Management
schemes of management (image (image: Google)

In this case we can group marketing practices in four categories:

Entrepeneurial marketing, it can be through direct selling to knock on every door.cara membuat instagram

Formulated marketing, using some of the concepts, as well as using the ad with the goal of increasing sales.
And also there are four processes in marketing, namely:

Analysis of marketing opportunity (supply and demand) by dividing the war of becoming market segmentation
Evaluation of target market (Positioning; competitive advantage)
Marketing Mix (Product, Price, Place, Promotion)
Marketing management (planning and implementation of control programs to maintain, in order to exchange menacapai target).
In the company will certainly menuntukan a target multiple market segments served. It aims to motivate the employees to be more motivation to work.

We also need to control the marketing, because it aims to assess how far objectives have been achieved, constraints, and other factors that we need.

In a company will certainly conduct a marketing research. This faucet is very important for the survival of the company's products. Which has the ultimate goal in order to find explicitly and jalas about marketing issues Yanga actually.

We also require a anlaisis situation that aims to sharpen the marketing would be an idea that we have formulated, so the implementation of further research will be easier to do and be more focused.strategi pemasaran

In a company also needs to think about the product policy, which is intended goods and services that have been purchased to be used as a tool for satisfying the needs of their will or desires.

So that consumers buy goods not only because of their physical, but also the benefits contained in the product. But we must also remember the benefits of the product for each person is different, so employers are required to be creative, dynamic, and broad-minded.

They are also required to have a high imagination, so it will constantly be able to think and find as many new benefits which can be added to a product, so the product has more value than competitors.

We also need to think about product life cycle, which broadly divided will be four stages. We should also know that the level of the rate of sales of each product is different and needs funds also differ in each phase of the product life cycle.manajemen keuangan

We must also consider ongoing basis for new value-added traits and which get the attention and interest of consumers who are sensitive to price, and rich with options.

When we see the company certainly will repeatedly formulate and think of their marketing strategy submarine life products.

Because the life of the product is not immortal, then the company can determine the position mendifferensikan and deals effectively in order to achieve competitive advantage during the product life cycle (PLC).

Many explanations about marketing management 1. May be useful for us all, see the other articles.