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Management & Marketing: Marketing Management # 1

Marketing is the aim venture funds and power belong to the company towards giving satisfaction to the consumer, so that the company can sell its products, and gain accompanied achieve the goals of the company.siklus akuntansi

Management can also be defined as a process consisting of analysis, planning, organization, implementation, and control of human resources and other resources to make use of science and art to achieve the goals of the company.pengertian akuntansi

As the quote in , will be explained about the first marketing management.

While marketing management itself is the analysis, planning, implementation, and monitoring programs have been intended to bring an exchange that has been diinginka with the markets of interest for the purpose of achieving the organization's objectives.

In the implementation of our marketing in particular is often a jumble sale to agencies, because certainly we reasoned would be more efficient and have expertise mempuni. So the task of coordinating the employers only aktvitas advertising with other promotional activities.

For the principal responsibility of Perasi the sale is to be menjamn terjualnya all products in accordance with the target, which is the responsibility of the head of the (managers) sale.contoh laporan keuangan

Then we mamastikan duties of sales manager sebgai following:

receive salesperson
Organize them a fair remuneration and decent
Developing penegetahuan and selling skills wiranaga
Provide support, motivation and guidance work
Marketing Management
schemes of management (image (image: Google)

In this case we can group marketing practices in four categories:

Entrepeneurial marketing, it can be through direct selling to knock on every door.cara membuat instagram

Formulated marketing, using some of the concepts, as well as using the ad with the goal of increasing sales.
And also there are four processes in marketing, namely:

Analysis of marketing opportunity (supply and demand) by dividing the war of becoming market segmentation
Evaluation of target market (Positioning; competitive advantage)
Marketing Mix (Product, Price, Place, Promotion)
Marketing management (planning and implementation of control programs to maintain, in order to exchange menacapai target).
In the company will certainly menuntukan a target multiple market segments served. It aims to motivate the employees to be more motivation to work.

We also need to control the marketing, because it aims to assess how far objectives have been achieved, constraints, and other factors that we need.

In a company will certainly conduct a marketing research. This faucet is very important for the survival of the company's products. Which has the ultimate goal in order to find explicitly and jalas about marketing issues Yanga actually.

We also require a anlaisis situation that aims to sharpen the marketing would be an idea that we have formulated, so the implementation of further research will be easier to do and be more focused.strategi pemasaran

In a company also needs to think about the product policy, which is intended goods and services that have been purchased to be used as a tool for satisfying the needs of their will or desires.

So that consumers buy goods not only because of their physical, but also the benefits contained in the product. But we must also remember the benefits of the product for each person is different, so employers are required to be creative, dynamic, and broad-minded.

They are also required to have a high imagination, so it will constantly be able to think and find as many new benefits which can be added to a product, so the product has more value than competitors.

We also need to think about product life cycle, which broadly divided will be four stages. We should also know that the level of the rate of sales of each product is different and needs funds also differ in each phase of the product life cycle.manajemen keuangan

We must also consider ongoing basis for new value-added traits and which get the attention and interest of consumers who are sensitive to price, and rich with options.

When we see the company certainly will repeatedly formulate and think of their marketing strategy submarine life products.

Because the life of the product is not immortal, then the company can determine the position mendifferensikan and deals effectively in order to achieve competitive advantage during the product life cycle (PLC).

Many explanations about marketing management 1. May be useful for us all, see the other articles.

3 Level Management

In a management there had to be some level. The manager is the one which is to cooperate with others in the same way to organize joint activities to realize its wishes.kerja sampingan

As quoted from the blog, there are several levels of management as well as the criteria that must be had.

Basically, the management has a three in the planning, organizing, directing and controlling. Judging from the level of management, it can be divided into three groups:

1. Management Peak
Which usually consists of directors, CEO, GM or General Manager commonly called the President of the Board of Directors. The top management has a major role as:kerja online

Determine the plans, objectives, and also the company's policy
Responsible for all the existing management underneath
Memobilitas company resources available
Work of thinking, a new planning decided
Mempersiapkna long-term plan
Has the authority and responsibilities of the maximum
Require conceptual skills and the most good
2.Manajemen Intermediate
Which are in the middle of the hierarchy of a company. Management is responsible for implementation of the plans which have been determined by top management.

Usually consists of the Head of Department, Branch Manager, Junior Executive. The tasks and the role of middle management are:

Execute all orders, kebjakan, and plans have been drawn up by top management.
Provide advice and recommendations to the top management.
Coordinating the activities of all departments
Communicating with the Risk Management and mnajemen peak below that follow
Preparing plans in the short term
Has the authority and responsibility are restricted because intermediaries top management with existing management underneath
Responsible directly to the CEO and Board of Directors of the company
3 Tier Level Management
The following is peramida level management level (image: Google)

3.Manajemen First Line
Is the lowest level of management in a company, in which lead and supervise the operational staff and managers do not supervise others.cara membuat facebook

Which usually consists of a foreman and pengawa which has been selected by manjer intermediate level. Management has a level of activity in the form of:

Directing every employee
Developing moral to employees
Maintaining good relations anatara middle-level management and employees
Informing decisions taken thereon enumerated by management to employees
More menghabiska time to control and direct the employee
Menysusn plan daily, weekly and monthly, but not in the long term
Have very limited powers, but it has important responsibilities.
In each level of management must have the basic skills mempuni consisting of:

Technical 1.Keahlian
Management is the ability to use technical procedures and pegetahuan on a particular field.Peluang Bisnis

Interpersonal 2.Keahlian
An expertise to work in a team, understand and motivate others individually none in a team.

conceptual 3.Keahlian
Is the ability to coordinate and integrate all the interests and activities of the company.

It is the ability required to be held by each of management, while additional capabilities such as:

1.Keahlian diagnosis
Every manager is expected to be able to analyze any problems that exist in the company and to find appropriate solutions to resolve the issue.

2.Keahlian Communications
Managers also need to be able to channel ideas and informing the other employees. And also can accept the idea and menginfomasikannya so managers can coordinate the work of colleagues within the team.Manajemen

3.Keahlian Time Management
A good manager is a manager who can master a good time management, so a manager is able to prioritize work with each other. So that the work would be more efficient and effective in its solution.

4.Keahlian Decision
Management also should be able to make decisions wisely, which are based on diagonosa (analysis) a problem. With the decision effective, fast, and this right can menyelasikan existing problems and float into a valuable opportunity.

Such an explanation of the levels of management along with the Traffic must have. Hopefully this article was able to benefit us all, thank kasuh have read our article. See you on the other articles.

10 Axiom in Financial Management

Axiom is intended in this case is a statement that has no basis in truth / has been proven true.

While the financial management according to Liefman is an attempt to provide money and use money to obtain or acquire assets.

In this case there are 10 axioms in financial management in the way that quote from, 10th axiom is very important for us to learn remedy understand about good financial management.usaha rumahan

Well here is the tenth axiom of financial management and its simple explanation.

1.Risk-Return Trade-Off
Is a statement that shows the trade-offs between risk with return, a consequence of the demands of cause and effect there.

In this case have a principle that the greater the risk of a job should return obtained will also be greater.

2.Time Value of Money
Well easy when we earn money at this time would be better than to accept the jumalah the same in the future. Menegapa so? Surely we aka wonder like that.

This is highly related to the value of money which will fall due to inflation. The decline in the value of money is encouraging the emergence of interest in the bank as a one form of anticipation that the future value of money does not fall from the current value.

10 axiom financial management
every year will definitely be inflation (image: Google)

Another thing we need to consider is the risk that exists. If we look now to the future we will not know the events that will happen.

The event will bring different consequences which can be detrimental as well as eliminate the opportunity to be able to earn some money.

That would be a pertimbanag to receive our money now or years to come. So we better take it now by the same amount anyway.

3.Cash-Profit-Is Not King
When we see a lot of entrepreneurs who will experience the hassle of taking care of business, this is because kesulian in the next financial year, but when viewed from his notes more profits increase.

Difficulties experienced businessman is one of them due to their focus on profits, but they ignore the cash flow.

When we see a careful businessman would align its cash flow, well those that are business-minded entrepreneur, not traders who merely seek profit pendak term.

Not that profit is not important, you know, but it ignores the cash is a business negligence.bisnis rumahan

4.Incremental Cash Flows Count
A cash flow relating to investment, in which decision-making is done on the basis of impact it will have on the current financial condition of the project is accepted and the project is not acceptable to do.

5.The Curse Of Competitive Markets
Intense competition divides the market into small sections, this is due to the increasing number of manufacturers that compete in the same product market where the same is also the result of sluggish business.

In these conditions indicates that is not the profit can be obtained in large quantities, the small profit reception resulted in little return on investment.

Premises so we need to keep our businesses can compete maintain its market, its business as divertasi products, procurement of raw materials, the use of appropriate technology to minimize costs.

6.Efficient Capital Markets
Man is a capital markets firm has fast motion and the price is right, too. The efficiency of the capital market judged on the success preformance combine and harmonize information.

7.The Agency Problem
Usually the problems in the company between managers and shareholders, which is where the manager was entrusted to manage the company and gave the benefit of all the company's business activities so that shareholders benefit from the company's profits.peluang usaha

Well the problem is often the manager would not work for holding stocks if they are not aligned with their interests.

Managers will menegambil policies that will benefit them, unless there is an agreement that explains how incentive structures can accommodate the interests of both sides.

8.Taxes Bias Business Decisions
Tax consideration is used as the basis of decision-making to a business activity. For that financial management is concerned is all the decisions and calculations shall be after taxes.

9.All Risk Not Equal
Sure we know that every business must have a different risk, for that we need to invest efforts in different fields to anticipate the risks that result in collapse of his business.

10.Ethical dilemmas Are Everywhere In Finance
Ethics is a normative value that must be adhered someone wherever he is. Often we have a dilemma in the midst of the business we do.

This is because there is a particular interest of every individual. Now we know that there must be a rule in the company "unversal" which we call the corporate culture that is used to direct the employees to be committed to the values ​​of good.cara membuat email

Usually ethics inexcusable error, but could kill someone Kariri. Because ethics violators would be punished because of social ethics violations are betting integrity required as the value of the corporate culture.

Many explanations about 10 axioms financial management, may be useful for us all. Thank you for reading our article, see you in another article.

Peluang Usaha Paling Top

8 Principles in Quality Management

In every product surely we want to guarantee the quality. With good quality then the consumer will be satisfied with our products. With good product quality will also be menark consumers who have bought the product to buy our products.

According to ISO 9001: 2000 which was prepared on the basis of eight quality management principles. Which of these principles dugunakan by senior management as a framework (frame work) which will guide the organization padapeningkatan performance.cara membuat email

As quoted from, the following are the eight principles of quality management along with an explanation.

1.Fokus against the Customer (Customer Focus)
Each perusahaa namana will depend on the customer, therefore management company must understand the needs of customers now and to come. And also must diligently comply with the needs and strive to exceed customer expectations.bisnis rumahan

2.Kepemimpinan (Leadership)
A leader of the organization must be able to establish common goals and directions perusahaa. They also must be able then to create and maintain the internal company so that employees will be involved in the achievement of corporate goals.

3.Keterlibatan People (Involvement of people)
All karayawan that there is a very important factor in the company's fiber maximum engagement will provide many benefits for the company.

8 quality management principles
one that makes customers happy is the quality (image:

4.Pendekatan Process (Process Orientation)
Results achieved efisein, where activities as well as power sunber managed sutau process. Now this process is a sequential integration of people, materials, methods, machines, and equipment that are useful to produce value-added output for consumers.

Against 5.Pendekatan Management System (System Approach to Management)
Identifying, understanding and management of interrelated processes which as a system, will contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of all the companies to achieve the objectives of existing companies.

6.Peningkatan Continuous (Continual Improvement)
Continuous improvements in the company's performance in all areas should be a permanent goal for the company. In this case is defined as a process that would focus efforts to increase the efficiency of the company effective as well as to meet the goal.peluang usaha

This continuous improvement will require consolidation measures consumers and will guarantee a dynamic evolution of a quality management system.

Factual 7.Pendekatan in Decision Making (Factual Approach to Decision Making)
Effective decision is a decision that is based on analysis of existing data and information to eliminate the root causes of the problems, so that all quality problems can be resolved efficiently and efficiently.

Mutually Beneficial Supplier 8.Hubungan (Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationship)
We know that companies with suppliers are interdependent. When Where a mutually beneficial relationship that will provide enhanced capabilities together in creating added value there.

Well here is the explanation will be 8 principles of quality management . Which we must pay attention to all 8 of these principles. Hopefully this article was helpful for us all, thank you for reading our article. Look forward to our next article.

Want to Succeed in Management? You Must Know "The Six M's"

When we see that in management there must be an element that would make it a success. Which elements of management known as the "6M" in the management or the term "The Six M's in Management".

Elements in this management is an important part as well as the absolute that of the management, whether it is to achieve all its objectives or only achievement of the objectives of each execution management functions.bisnis rumahan

Appropriate quote from, here are the six elements along with an explanation:

1.Man (human)
We certainly know that humans are the most important element daam management activities to achieve its intended purpose. When we berbicra diperusahaan man often referred to human resources (HR).

The quality of human resources is very berbengaruh to the success of the company, as management is not able to reach the goal without human existence.

element management
one of the keys to the success of the company is HR mempuni (Image:

2.Money (money)
Now we also know that in setioa activities of the company must be in need of funds (money). Which founders used money from the company to pay employees, purchase of raw materials and equipment.

For that money as a suggestion management should be used effectively and efficiently so that objectives are achieved at a cost that seminmal possible.

3.Material (raw material)
The raw materials used in the production process which, as the basis of making the company's products. As required yarn clothing company.

The raw material will be processed effectively and efficiently. In general, the company will buy the raw material from other parties such as suppliers, with the cheapest price.usaha rumahan

4.Mechine (engine)
This machine is one of the advances of teknlogi very helpful in the work of man. Perkembanag science and technology is so rapid results in the use of machines has increased as well.

Use of the machine at the company will make our production as well as activities where relevant for achieving the goal will be more efficiently and quickly achieved.

5.Methods (method)
Is a way to do so efficiently and successfully. With the use of appropriate methods and will really make our business smoothly.

With so that activity of the company as well as efficient eektif we need a wide range of alternative methods in order to achieve corporate objectives we have set. Each of these methods has the power to order the results of which Distinct and varied.Manajemen

6.Market (market)
Is a place where we do activities to market the production of a business activity we are. We need to understand market share to spread production to be up in the hands of consumers.

It is an element that sanagt determine the activity of management in general.

Well that's an explanation of the management elements of "6M". Hopefully this article was helpful for all of us. Thank you for reading our article.

Want Successful Farming? Use Management Tips Here!

If when we see Indonesian citizens mostly work as farmers, therefore Indonesia is said to be an agricultural country. But sometimes they farmed instinct without relying on good management.

So sometimes they will suffer losses as a result of calculations that sometimes they miss the mark.Peluang Bisnis

Appropriate quote from, the main purpose of his own agricultural business are:

To obtain a better chance of survival
To be secured future for keturunnya
While the goal for menjalankam farm management company of the company such that it obtained the maximum income on an ongoing basis with the funds and the limited resources effectively and efficiently.

To achieve that we need to have the property:

1. Aggressive Personality
In this case means that a manager should be able to search for and get a chance to obtain the opinion of the maximum.

farm management
Rice farming is one of the main plant in Indonesia (image:

2. Adaptive Personality
Setipa dituntu managers must have the ability to quickly adjust the conditions change, which can

3. Flexible Personality
Managers in the face of a challenge from the outside do not need to challenge or fight that could result in colliding with another.

4. Innovative Properties
Which managers are required to update their business, in terms of looking for a new sense, a new crop, etc. which aims to exist and prevent the business from losses.

5. Nature Productive
Each farm manager should be able to create activities that can produce products which can generate additional income.

6. Attitude Proakktif
It has the sense that we do not have to wait but pick up the ball with a thorough consideration.

The sixth such properties must be owned by the farm manager for mengahdapi challenges. The element that must be held by a farm business management in running the business are:cara membuat facebook

1. Handling
Is a company run according to the procedure applicable to the business of obtaining additional profit. It aims to ensure the company continues to experience growth.

2. Implementation
Definitely the main goal of the company is to achieve its intended purpose. The purpose will be achieved if the company can run continuously in the business.

3. Precautions
Namely to protect the existing businesses of the possibilities that will occur can be atapun risk of loss. Vigilance in making decisions should be based on a variety of complete and correct information.

4. Business Risks
Every effort must have a risk, the size of the risk depends on the courage to take a decision. Therefore the risk in agricultural business at any time would threaten farmers' efforts, either individuals or groups.kerja online

5. Supporting Facilities
Yanga are all tools can support the aktivitasusaha in order to achieve the purpose stated in the company. This tool can be either physical or nonphysical.

Once we know the elements that must be held by the management of the farm, we will surely continue to ask what the function of farm management? The farm management functions No 5, namely:

1. Make Planning
In a broad sense is one to prepare systematically all tyang activities will be done in order to achieve certain goals within a specified period.

In this case can covers how many workers, when resources are used, yag difficulties may be encountered, the number of production costs sert other matters related to running a business.

2. Develop Company Organization
Is the preparation of the personnel who will be doing all the work that has been set in the plan, which according to the areas of their expertise.

3. Enterprises acted upon
Dlama this is related to job productivity sebenranya is running, move the appropriate organization of activities have been planned, so the implementation work should not be met with problems.kerja sampingan

4. Supervise the course of the Company
With the aim of observing carefully, so that everything goes according to the plan that has been implemented. But in farming activities is difficult to supervise.

This is because the farming activity is not an organization that is independent from orrganisasi household, so that in case of deviation from a predetermined plan difficult to control.

5. Evaluation
It is a duty to make an assessment of the results of operations can walk along ama with the task of overseeing the company.

Well that is an explanation of the management of the farm , any pekrjaan us if we do it with sincerity and good intentions will get maximum results. Hopefully this article was helpful for us all, thank you for reading our article.