Wednesday, May 11, 2016

8 Principles in Quality Management

In every product surely we want to guarantee the quality. With good quality then the consumer will be satisfied with our products. With good product quality will also be menark consumers who have bought the product to buy our products.

According to ISO 9001: 2000 which was prepared on the basis of eight quality management principles. Which of these principles dugunakan by senior management as a framework (frame work) which will guide the organization padapeningkatan performance.cara membuat email

As quoted from, the following are the eight principles of quality management along with an explanation.

1.Fokus against the Customer (Customer Focus)
Each perusahaa namana will depend on the customer, therefore management company must understand the needs of customers now and to come. And also must diligently comply with the needs and strive to exceed customer expectations.bisnis rumahan

2.Kepemimpinan (Leadership)
A leader of the organization must be able to establish common goals and directions perusahaa. They also must be able then to create and maintain the internal company so that employees will be involved in the achievement of corporate goals.

3.Keterlibatan People (Involvement of people)
All karayawan that there is a very important factor in the company's fiber maximum engagement will provide many benefits for the company.

8 quality management principles
one that makes customers happy is the quality (image:

4.Pendekatan Process (Process Orientation)
Results achieved efisein, where activities as well as power sunber managed sutau process. Now this process is a sequential integration of people, materials, methods, machines, and equipment that are useful to produce value-added output for consumers.

Against 5.Pendekatan Management System (System Approach to Management)
Identifying, understanding and management of interrelated processes which as a system, will contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of all the companies to achieve the objectives of existing companies.

6.Peningkatan Continuous (Continual Improvement)
Continuous improvements in the company's performance in all areas should be a permanent goal for the company. In this case is defined as a process that would focus efforts to increase the efficiency of the company effective as well as to meet the goal.peluang usaha

This continuous improvement will require consolidation measures consumers and will guarantee a dynamic evolution of a quality management system.

Factual 7.Pendekatan in Decision Making (Factual Approach to Decision Making)
Effective decision is a decision that is based on analysis of existing data and information to eliminate the root causes of the problems, so that all quality problems can be resolved efficiently and efficiently.

Mutually Beneficial Supplier 8.Hubungan (Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationship)
We know that companies with suppliers are interdependent. When Where a mutually beneficial relationship that will provide enhanced capabilities together in creating added value there.

Well here is the explanation will be 8 principles of quality management . Which we must pay attention to all 8 of these principles. Hopefully this article was helpful for us all, thank you for reading our article. Look forward to our next article.