Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Want Successful Farming? Use Management Tips Here!

If when we see Indonesian citizens mostly work as farmers, therefore Indonesia is said to be an agricultural country. But sometimes they farmed instinct without relying on good management.

So sometimes they will suffer losses as a result of calculations that sometimes they miss the mark.Peluang Bisnis

Appropriate quote from, the main purpose of his own agricultural business are:

To obtain a better chance of survival
To be secured future for keturunnya
While the goal for menjalankam farm management company of the company such that it obtained the maximum income on an ongoing basis with the funds and the limited resources effectively and efficiently.

To achieve that we need to have the property:

1. Aggressive Personality
In this case means that a manager should be able to search for and get a chance to obtain the opinion of the maximum.

farm management
Rice farming is one of the main plant in Indonesia (image:

2. Adaptive Personality
Setipa dituntu managers must have the ability to quickly adjust the conditions change, which can

3. Flexible Personality
Managers in the face of a challenge from the outside do not need to challenge or fight that could result in colliding with another.

4. Innovative Properties
Which managers are required to update their business, in terms of looking for a new sense, a new crop, etc. which aims to exist and prevent the business from losses.

5. Nature Productive
Each farm manager should be able to create activities that can produce products which can generate additional income.

6. Attitude Proakktif
It has the sense that we do not have to wait but pick up the ball with a thorough consideration.

The sixth such properties must be owned by the farm manager for mengahdapi challenges. The element that must be held by a farm business management in running the business are:cara membuat facebook

1. Handling
Is a company run according to the procedure applicable to the business of obtaining additional profit. It aims to ensure the company continues to experience growth.

2. Implementation
Definitely the main goal of the company is to achieve its intended purpose. The purpose will be achieved if the company can run continuously in the business.

3. Precautions
Namely to protect the existing businesses of the possibilities that will occur can be atapun risk of loss. Vigilance in making decisions should be based on a variety of complete and correct information.

4. Business Risks
Every effort must have a risk, the size of the risk depends on the courage to take a decision. Therefore the risk in agricultural business at any time would threaten farmers' efforts, either individuals or groups.kerja online

5. Supporting Facilities
Yanga are all tools can support the aktivitasusaha in order to achieve the purpose stated in the company. This tool can be either physical or nonphysical.

Once we know the elements that must be held by the management of the farm, we will surely continue to ask what the function of farm management? The farm management functions No 5, namely:

1. Make Planning
In a broad sense is one to prepare systematically all tyang activities will be done in order to achieve certain goals within a specified period.

In this case can covers how many workers, when resources are used, yag difficulties may be encountered, the number of production costs sert other matters related to running a business.

2. Develop Company Organization
Is the preparation of the personnel who will be doing all the work that has been set in the plan, which according to the areas of their expertise.

3. Enterprises acted upon
Dlama this is related to job productivity sebenranya is running, move the appropriate organization of activities have been planned, so the implementation work should not be met with problems.kerja sampingan

4. Supervise the course of the Company
With the aim of observing carefully, so that everything goes according to the plan that has been implemented. But in farming activities is difficult to supervise.

This is because the farming activity is not an organization that is independent from orrganisasi household, so that in case of deviation from a predetermined plan difficult to control.

5. Evaluation
It is a duty to make an assessment of the results of operations can walk along ama with the task of overseeing the company.

Well that is an explanation of the management of the farm , any pekrjaan us if we do it with sincerity and good intentions will get maximum results. Hopefully this article was helpful for us all, thank you for reading our article.