Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Want to Manager Reliable? Use Method MT

We would often hear that companies often job opening for the position of "management trainee". But sometimes the term is used by every company is different.

Surely we ask what exactly this position? How is the selection process? And how the future career prospects?manajemen keuangan

We know that companies need HR to be placed managerial position. But we also know that karayawan often zap pindaah company which makes the difficulty in getting a manager who has known outside the company.

management mt
mt prepare future leaders of the company (image; berdikariinsurance)

Well that's why companies often implement a recruitment program through "management trainee" (MT). This is intended to get the manager who has to know the situation that existed at the company.

MT had started from a low position and finally to become a manager. MT usually recruited from recent graduates (fresh graduates). They will be given training and knowledge about the condition of the company. Then MT is a participant of this program.

Quoted from, MT is a recruitment process and the search for qualified human resources in specific areas, which will be trained to be able to retrieve a strategic position in the company.strategi pemasaran

According to Inge Santoso, a trainer who has been used to give training in big company, we emphasize on MT is the psychological aspect. Which the participants usually do not realize the great potential they have.

"Our task is to awaken them to see their latent potential," he said. Once aware, they will attempt to explore the potential of existing and improve performance. Impact obtained can be more active and to work in total.

There are no special background to become a MT, it is up to the companies that need. In Indonesia alone MT searches offered by banks.

According to Iwan Setiawan, trainer of Forever Young Indonesia, which emphasized the MT is character development. Hopes that after the training the members of the company will be more powerful and stable.

There are also companies that require MT to follow diving training 1-2 years, which is given training in business, policy making etc.. MT will typically undergo a period of evaluation, in addition will also play duties.

In the selection of MT is very tight, because this MT khusu prepared to be the leader of the company in the future. Therefore, the selection is very strict MT program carried out, which is done by the company or be handed to the consultant.cara membuat instagram

This is the MT selection process which is usually performed by the company;

Phase 1: the psychological test or online test
Stage 2: interview or an English language test (TOEFL)
Phase 3: the aptitude test (Assessment Test)
Phase 4: Interview with HR or HR
Stage 5: Interviews with user / management company
Stage 6: Medical check up or medical tests
Most of the participants are graduates fresh out of college then, they lack the skills, experience, understanding about the system and work culture and leadership. Therefore, the training period MT takes quite a long time.

During this training they will learn, trained and supervised performance. Not infrequently there that can not afford the training menikuti and finally decided to leave the company.

Well it's a little explanation about the management MT , it is very useful to attract managers who ulect and didikasih high against the company. Hopefully this article was helpful for us all, thank you for reading our article. See you on the other articles.