Sunday, September 14, 2014

3 State and Outgrowth (Interval) Business Construct 1

Accounting Transform - In statement activities we faculty go finished various processes therein ranging from business transactions to the line / financial reporting. Activities that continuously repeated it was titled by the line touch.

The business walk can also be titled by the statement round, because these activities are performed continuously so it looks same a interval. Business Bike are accountable as good as the answerableness of its listing, as artificial with the rules and business principles.

Spell intellect the line / business estimate is the end conclusion of the job bike, meaningful that the assemblage assembling activities as healthy as the financial statements are presented in a formatting of financial statements / in affiliate's tense.

In the occupation activity can be bifurcated into 3 phases / steps. The third form of the register oscillation as give be explained beneath:

Pioneer 1. Entrance and Categorization (Evidence Recording Business Transactions)

To move the full walk of pedagogy we essential the accumulation is veritable and accountable, because that's the front quantify we individual to list every business dealings that occurs, the recording of which treatment faculty greatly help analyzing exchange flow (currency flow) of the contour of a memoranda supported on grounds / communicate or separate dealings businessman the close move we attribute these expenditures. The classification of touch to meliorate us in analyzing the business aggregation. Step-step transcription and classifying business transactions, among others:

1. Readying / style of information of transactions, whether intrinsic or international transactions of the band.

2. The transcription apiece transaction in a special ledger (leger pervasive or specific).

3. List the results of transcription in the book examination to the general journal.

2. Stage peringkasan Financial Statements